Thursday, September 9, 2010

My WIP for my Backround

This is the sketch I started my background from. I started with three sheets of 11x17 tracing paper and drew the foreground on one, Middle ground on the second, the background on the third one. This way I could scan these in and color them on separate layers and eventually do some camera movements within my background.

I decided to gray scale my picture out so that I could get all of my values. ALso the BG, MG, and FG is separated.

First, I applied two gradients on their own separate layers to set the mood (starting at orange at the top and yellow at the bottom). I switched the blending mode on the second layer to multiply to pick up a lot of the values that I laid down, when I was doing the gray scale. Then, on the first layer, I changed the blending mode to soft light to make the gradient pop out a little. I also added a little blue to the top of the sky on a separate layer because I felt it need some contrast with all the warm colors I used. I did a lot of other things to make this pic come to this point, so if you are interested in the other techniques I used, just let me know.

THIS Picture is not done yet, because I have to change somethings to make it more readable. I definitely want to make my grass shorter, because its way you too big. I also needed to fix some other little things. Well, I hope to finish soon and post it.