Colors Only
In this section I only did the coloring not the inks or pencils.

Media: Photoshop CS3
Line art:  Royce Southerland aka FooRay
Link to his line art:
Colors: Travon Serrano


This was done for the Battle Artist group on Deviantart

Pencils:  Chris Bachalo
Inks: Tim Townsend
Flats: Trinity Mathews
Colors: Travon Serrano

Colors and Everything Else

In this section I did the colors, inks, pencils and everything else

Chello again. Well, I decided to just sit down and draw something that was not work related. This was only suppose to be a speed paint, but I decided to push it a little further. I was definitely inspired by Mike Henry
(Deviantart- ) and Porscha Rivera (blog- ) Well, enjoy and now I must get back to work.

Media: Photoshop

Well, I really need a break from doing all work, so I decided to ink this picture I drew a while ago. I will be coloring one of these days. Until then, I must get back to working on my Portfolio.

Media: Photoshop

Happy Holidays everybody!!! This is a pic of Red Sonja I did for someone on DA.
This was pretty fun to do because I was able to experiment with a new way of coloring. Well, I hope everyone enjoys.

Chello peoples! Well, I finally had the time to finish this pic. I was suppose to finish by Halloween, but that didn't happen. Anyways, I hope you all like.

Chello Everyone, this is pic I did for a contest, which was to draw one or more of Lizabeth Jimenez's characters, from her manga Sacred. The theme was Studying Mejic (I know mejic is spelled magic, but in her stories' world it is spelled mejic.) His name is Cecero. I know he looks a little girlly, but I assure you, it is a guy. Anyways, I had a lot of fun with this pic. Hope you all like. Until next time. See ya. :D

Media: Opencanvas 4.5 for the line art and Photoshop CS3 for the coloring
Time: about 10 hours if not more

Chello Everybody! This is just a speed painting I did about a year ago, if not more. Also I actually won third place for this painting at the student art show my school had. Anyways that's it for now. See ya.
Media: Photoshop

Chello people!!!! Ah haaaa!!! I told you I would update this blog. Anyways, this was actually a doodle I did in my sketch book, but I kind of liked the girl's expression at the bottom, so I had to color it.^___^ I will be sure to continue updating this blog and adding more details to my feet next time