Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Chubby Angel

Morning!!!! Well, this is a project that have been working on for about two months for my Portfolio. I'm using a combination of Adobe Flash, Photoshop, and After Effects. Flash was used for the rough animation and photoshop was used for the clean up animation, backgrounds and will be used to color the character. I will be using After Effects, to composite everything and add some lighting and other cool stuff in my animation.

I may be changing the dust effects when he runs and make it smaller, but I am not sure yet.

Hopefully when I go in After effects, I can add the glow from his hallo. I could also possibly do it Photoshop hmmmmm... I shall see.

In the part where he zooms out and changes to a profile view, I want to make it look like the camera is going around him. I may make him zoom out more. This is going to be a hard effect to pull off, but I shall find out how soon.

My main reference for the backgrounds was Hercules and All Dogs go to Heaven. I also used this tutorial to help me make the clouds.http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=§ion=&global=1&q=Pixar+Clouds#/d23lozh

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Guy in a Tux

Morning!!!! I've been wanting to do this animation for a long time and I have finally done it. There are somethings I need to tweak, but I will call it done for now. I was so happy to get my hands on after effects with this project, but anyways, enjoy.

Media: Adobe AE and Flash
Music: Seto No Hanayome SUNSHINE Album -02- Namida Ichirin(From and anime called "My Bride is a Mermaid")

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Freelance With Justice Publishing

Morning! Well, this is some freelance work that I have been working on for this company called Justice Publishing. I really want to render out the coloring more, but they want it all flat colors. Hopefully they will make an exception for the picture with the background. Anyways, these pictures were all done using Adobe Illustrator. These were my original concepts of the two girls, but they were to old looking, so I redid the designs.

The design of the glasses and necklace were base off of these two fashion designers designs named Coco and Breezy. The clothing design was design by some students from SCAD. I need to find out there names, so I can give them proper credit. Anyways, I hope everyone enjoys and look out for more updates soon. ^_____^

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ojo Azul

Chello again. Well, I decided to just sit down and draw something that was not work related. This was only suppose to be a speed paint, but I decided to push it a little further. I was definitely inspired by Mike Henry
(Deviantart- http://zatransis.deviantart.com/ ) and Porscha Rivera (blog-http://porkchopz-r-us.blogspot.com/ ) Well, enjoy and now I must get back to work.

Media: Photoshop

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Good Morning

Good Morning everybody! Well as of lately I've been pretty busy with coloring a comic book for this guy by the name of Tony Vandyke. I just recently finished his book. Hopefully he will allow me to show some the pages I colored for him. I am also working on some illustrations for Justice Publishing. Anyways, hopefully I can post some of the stuff I have been working on. Well, see you all later.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Saddled Colored Backgrounds

Good Morning! These are some of the backgrounds I painted in my Visual Development class. Digital painting is so much fun. Woooo!!!! I did not Draw any of these backgrounds. They were drawn by Mr. Christopher Alvarez. http://christopher-alvarez.blogspot.com/ Anyways that's it for now. Oh ya, the characters on the cover page was drawn by Mr. Mike Rovinsky

Media: Photoshop

Monday, July 18, 2011

Koala Lip Sync 2

Chello! Here is my lip sync I was working on last quarter. I still have a lot of cleaning up to do, but it shall get there soon.

Media: Flash and hand drawn.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Koala Lip Sync

Chello everybody, so as of lately I have been having a blast animating this guy. I have learned a whole lot from animating him as well. I will eventually ink my turnaround and color it. I originally was going to animate a man, but one of my teachers said I should turn it into an animal and he gave me the idea to make it into a koala. Anyways, hopefully I can be done with this by the end of the week. Well, that's it for now.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Tribal Symbol Girl

Well, I really need a break from doing all work, so I decided to ink this picture I drew a while ago. I will be coloring one of these days. Until then, I must get back to working on my Portfolio.

Media: Photoshop

Little Boy Walk With Background

Chello everybody! Well I am slightly behind schedule, but I will soon be back on schedule. Here is my little boy walk, but with a background behind it. I do have a lot of changes to make and I will eventually make those changes.

Animation: Flash
Composting: After Effects
Background: Tradional watercolor paint, copic markers, one color pencil, and graphite.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bouncy Walk Cycle

This was a character I did for my 2D Production class. Originally I was just going to have him walk across the screen, but I really felt like I needed him to be walking in place as well, so I animated the walk in place today. Currently I am working on the background for this animation and I will be done with it tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Boogie Nights Complete

Chello!!! Well, I have finished my boogie Nights animation. I actually finished it according to the day I said I would finish it, but I was having problems uploading it on Vimeo to upload here. Anyways, I have changed the background and cleaned up the animation a lot. I hope everyone enjoys.

Boogie Nights from Travon Serrano on Vimeo.

Animated: Flash CS3
Color: Flash CS3

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Boogie Nights

For this animation, I was going to make it longer and have the little boy chasing his sister with his booger, but I really want to focus my time on newer and better animations. Well, I still need to clean up the line art on this animation and fix a couple of things. I also need to redo the background, because the background there is only a placement background until I design a new one.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Update Deluxe

Chello everybody!!!! Well, currently I am in the process of changing my blog and making it better. Also, for my Senior Project class, I will be posting my Production Pipe line, which will consist of the animations I will be working on this quarter. Also, I will finally be posting actual animations really soon. I am so excited!!!!! Well, I shall be back again, but next time their will be work posted!!!!!! ^___^